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The Cohutta Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency for the Town of Cohutta, Georgia to include code enforcement and zoning matters. The police department is led by Chief Greg Fowler, who has over 40 years of law enforcement experience, with the State of Georgia, county, and municipal governments. Below you will find contact information for our agency along with our mission, vision, and values statements.

The offices of the Cohutta Police Department are located at 5113 Red Clay Road, Cohutta GA 30710 which is directly across from the Cohutta Town Hall and Municipal Court Annex building.

The police department can be reached via office phone by dialing (706) 222-0100, cell phone (706) 463-8744, fax (706) 222-0191, dispatch phone: (706) 370-4900.

Our mission, vision and value statements are as follows:

Mission Statement
The mission of the Cohutta Police Department is to provide the community of
Cohutta safe environment with professional quality police service through
positive interaction with its citizens.  

Vision Statement
The vision of the Cohutta Police Department is to reduce crime by coactive
partnerships with citizens, elected officials, and other federal, state, and local

We realize without the active partnerships of every citizen, every elected official,
and every federal, state, and local agency we will not be successful.

We believe in:

we are committed to the highest level of professionalism and
we expect each member to work to the best of their abilities.

Obedience we recognize that our authority is derived from the people we serve.

Leadership we recognize that the best method of leadership is through

Integrity we will always be honest, fair, and accountable

Conduct we recognize that our conduct, personal and professional, is
inseparable from the reputation 
of the department and must be moral, sober, and

Excellence we will a/ways strive to be the best we can and will constantly strive
to improve the department, the community, and ourselves.


Agency Roster and Emails:

Greg Fowler #1 - Chief of Police
Agency Records Custodian

Del Thomasson #2 - Captain Internal Investigations
Professional Standards
Public Information Officer
Agency Training Officer

Shane Chastain #3 - Patrol Sergeant
Agency Chaplain
Agency Fleet Supervisor

Rodney Curtis #4 - Patrol Corporal
Agency Training Supervisor
Field Training Supervisor

Ryan Fowler #5 - Patrol Lieutenant
Chief Code Enforcement/Zoning
Agency Training Officer
Field Training Officer

Jeremy May #6 - Patrol Officer
Criminal Investigator

Daron Watson #7 - Patrol Officer
Field Training Officer

Bill Morgan #8 - Chief Probation Liaison
Court Services and Administration
Community Services Supervisor

Blake Hefner #10 - Patrol Officer
Court Services
Information Technology Officer

Joey Truesdale #11 - Patrol Officer
Court Services

Scott Chambers #12 - Patrol Officer
Community Policing Representative 

Jeffrey Brock - Support Staff (non-sworn)
Booking Officer, LE Photographer, LE Drone Operator

Branden Pewitt - Court Bailiff (non-sworn)
Tactical Medic/EMT, Booking Officer